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Tracking and Fleet Management Systems

The Automatic Vehicle Location System enables tracking of the current position of a vehicle, the stsate of the vehicle and its movement history. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS receiver. This receiver has a GSM modem used for communication with the control centre and a microprocessor for processing and storage of data. The primary communication method is via the GSM network, using GPRS and SMS. With additional equipment it is possible to leverage the user’s existing communication infrastructue (such as radio network, TETRA network, etc.)


The centre can send an inquiry teach vehicle and establish the current and last valid position. This position is displayed on the map. Depending on their needs the user can order any number of geographic maps of various regions and to different scales. Information on speed and direction can also be received.


A route which the vehicle must take in a certain time period can be defined. That information can be stored in the GPS device inside the vehicle, so that if the vehicle leaves the planned route the system can detect this. In this event the operator or the GPS device can carryout a number of pre-defined activities, including immobilisation of the vehicle.


Information on the status of internal sensors in the vehicle is available through a set of digital connections to the GPS device. For example, the operator can establish whether the engine is running or whether the panic button is on.

Sending commands to a vehicle

An operato with appropriate authority can execute any activity on the vehicle by using digitaloutputs on the GPS device. Actions that can be carried out, depending on the devices connected to the digital outputs are, for example, immobilisation of the vehicle’s engine, locking the doors, activating the horn, etc., all with a single command.

Alarming and notification

The GPS device in the vehicle can be programmed to send an alarm or notification to the centre whenever certain conditions are met. The system can determine the region, time interval, maximum speed or a combination of all these.

Generating local log in vehicle

Just as the GPS device can be programmed to send alarms and notifications, it can also be programmed to register time, position and status in the local memory of the in-vehicle device. These records can be downloaded by the control centre at the request of the operator or automatically, as pre-defined, for later review. This possibility is provided for devices which do not provide GPRS connectivity .



Sekurtrack® - Fleet is an innovative integrated fleet management solution with superior location, multi-track, live tracking, event driven reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Its singularly compact size makes it ideal for covert installation to avoid detection and tamper- ing. Utilizing GSM/GPRS IP communication together with GPS technology ensures in expen- sive, yet reliable and fluent communications together with efficient remote vehicle tracking. The feature-rich Sekurtrack® - Fleet solution offers fleet service providers and their custom- ers optimum solutions in coverage, lowest cost tracking and limitless functionality.

Preventive maintenance and organization tools

• Using the Vehicle Management functionality tool, fleet managers can conveniently schedule and manage    maintenance and repair needs for each vehicle in the fleet.
• Set alerts for upcoming services, based on date and/or distance parameters
• Track and organize prevoius vehicle data for quick retrieval
• Plan and schedule vehicle sevice

   and much, much more

+ Enchance and measure driver productivity
+ Increase safety and security
+ Eliminate driver abuse
+ Save fuel
+ Reduce overtime and maintenance costs
+ Increase customer satisfaction
+ Lower insurance premiums