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Forensic solution

Visual scene documentation and management

The entire workflow of scene documentation is covered by Candid’s solution.
- Capture the scene fully spherical (360° x 180°)
- Connect the information to get a complete picture of the scene
- Collaborate within a team and investigate, plan and prepare
- Communicate the information internally and externally
- Our solution includes different complimentary components which perfectly fit
  to increase efficiency and quality of outcome.

The full spherical image is building the foundation for creating complete visual crime scene
documentation and presents one consistent view:
- With complete coverage from floor to ceiling
- In one single scan
- With one single press of a button
The team set up increases efficiency and provide protection of data privacy. Access can be
managed by a structured set-up of the committee and simultaneous access to current information
is enabled to increase efficiency.

The import of data to provide consistent information availability in one source provides an easy
and fast data access to all important information:
- Full spherical images
- Digital photos, audio files and videos
- Area and floor plans
- Evidence and traces
- Scientific finding
- Detailed information

The hotspots interconnect information into a logical relation. The link of information into the full spherical image provides a navigable and comprehensive view. Information is in spatial relation to generate a complete and authentic view. The structure generates a well organized overall overview:
- Show the architecture of the scene by using maps and floor plans
- Connect the spherical images with plans
- Create a wide angle view
- Show spatial relation of information and areas

Evaluate the different hypothesis and explore the scene by choosing your own speed and sequence independent of time and location:
- Create a complete overview of the scene and the surrounding
- Perpetrate the scene without being on site
- Inform new people in the commission extensively and fast
- Generate objective information
- Share it easily with others