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This system is used for the recording of vehicles passing by a particular location where the control set is installed. The international abbreviation ANPR refers to Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The camera at the control point captures a high resolution picture, from which it is possible to separate letters and numbers, and sends them to the command-control centre. In this way it is possible to instantly detect and locate stolen, unregistered or in some other way suspicious vehicles.
This system can also be used for control of access by vehicles to zones with limited access rights (city areas closed to traffic such as congestion zones, yellow lanes in urban areas, private and public parking lots, etc.)

The control points are equipped with a number plate recognition system, which consists of a high-resolution camera and a computer running image-processing software.
In the event that the information about the colour or type of the vehicle does not match the information from the database, or the vehicle does not have valid number plates, the nearest police patrol is notified at once. The system can also be used for the detection of traffic violations - passing through red lights, speeding, movement in a prohibited direction, etc. An additional optional feature of this system is pattern recognition - recognition of a vehicle of interest or group of such vehicles at any location in the system. When a suspicious vehicle is recognised and flagged in the centre the entire system is notified and it is possible to recognise and detect the passage of that vehicle anywhere in the system.


Al Majd is the official distributor of Candid Security Solution's products in Iraq.


With proven experience in ANPR software, Candid has developed the next generation of ANPR software to provide information at all times and under all conditions. SEKUR ZONE is a versatile, powerful and easy-to-use Automatic Number Plate Recognition software. SEKUR ZONE offers optimum performance when used with our own number plate recognition cameras sensor with built-in LED infra-red illuminators but also provides rapid and 95% accurate number plate recognition when used with suitable conventional CCTV cameras. SEKUR ZONE runs on standard PCs equipped with videocapture board(s) and Microsoft Windows. SEKUR ZONE is also the first ANPR software which flawlessly runs on Windows 7 and will operate with multiple camera systems.

sekur zone anpr

he number plate recognition algorithm locates the number plate within the vehicle image and immediately reads the vehicle registration number (VRN). A record is logged to the PC, comprising a precise date and time stamp, the alphanumeric VRN and the camera and/or lane number and location, plus images of the relevant vehicle and its number plate “patch”.


Integrated Access and Parking Lot Control Software

Stop&Go ANPR software offers all the usual security features and more: over the last decade Candid SS has developed many advanced features, driven by our customers’ requirements, making Stop&Go the right solution to control car park situations.

Stop&Go is ideal for the management of private car parks, hotel car parks and public parking. In fact, they can be used in virtually any parking application that requires control of unauthorized parking, raising revenue, reducing congestion, providing guidance to customers or simply monitoring usage.

Program functions

Monitor the traffic and control the access for up to 4 single lanes, where each lane can:
• Use an ANPR camera to read license plates for each car in any given lane.
• Handle ParkIT digital cameras and high speed grabber card with analog cameras.
• Contains up to 2 loop (one for the trigger and an optional second for the pass-through detection).
• With one loop the program detects the cars reaching the gate with two loops the program
  can confirm that a car actually crossing the checkpoint (usually a gate with barrier).

An open period can also be configured, during the open period the program applies different rules
for controlling access. Each lane can be configured as a:
• Pass-through point : only pass-though detection, only one loop.
• Entry/exit point : in the open period no access permission needed, outside of the open period only cars   with proper access permission allowed to pass through.
• Parking lot entry/exit point : within the open period every car without pre-configured access permission   are allowed to use the parking lot and the program calculates the parking fee, outside the open period only   the cars with proper access permission are allowed to pass.
• Configurable blacklist function, the program will alert the user if a car registered on blacklist is detected on   any of the monitored lanes.
• Number plate readings can be corrected manualy, however the records will contain both original readings   and the corrected.
• Recorded events can be listed with optional filter such as (date, plate number, country, etc.)
• The program calculates and displays the parking fee while recording the events.
• Images for all detected number plates are stored with the event data and can be viewed later.

+ Multilingual Interface (English / Arabic)
+ First Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)    System for reading Arabic Number Plates
+ Pictures of Driver and Number Plate are taken and    saved with each entrance and exit transaction
+ Secure access control based on Number Plate and    ability to restrict entrance/exit of vehicles such as    stolen or wanted vehicles
+ Stolen Cars Alarm to notify the entry of stolen or    wanted car
+ Employee Car Identification to allow access without    any permission
+ Remote monitoring of Cars movement at any of the    Gates
+ Query and Reports to view all movement of a    particular vehicle

+ The software developed and compatible with    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows    Server 2008
+ Maximum database size for the installed version is    10GByte
+ Using the latest .NET 4 framework and technology
+ Scaleable MS-SQL 2008R2 database
+ Easy to learn english graphical interface
+ Compatible with GuestMonitor (cards handled in    GuestMonitor can be attach to plate numbers and    access permissions for the gates controlled by Stop    And Go).