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The GuestMonitor application was designed to register guest traffic data of a secured location. Using the application along with the optional document reader allows us to record guest ‘s data with a few keystrokes.

The system stores the guest document data such as an ID Card or Passport it also notes the time of arrival, leaving time, guest’s company name and host organization and/or employee name in the secured area at the time. The data is stored in a database and can be retrieved at any time via the scanned image of the document stored within the system in a simple and user friendly way. The number of guests is recorded confidentially. It helps to indicate busy periods of week/months, which aids with human resource future planning.

+ Tracking and tracing guest traffic of a site
+ Obtaining statistic data, graphical visualization of traffic tracking
+ Supporting receptionist’s/door-man’s work
+ Making guest traffic faster
+ Recording guest data through the interface or automatically by an optional PRM device
+ Scanning user’s document automatically in a PRM-supported format. Archiving
   data in state-of-the-art SQL-based databases
+ The Software will indicate when any form of ID has expired
+ Easily usable ergonomic user interface being accessible in English and Arabic
+ Storing own organizational and employee data to select employee seeing the guest
+ Phonebook function
+ Supporting Windows authentication